Saturday, 29 August 2009

Belstaff Trialmaster Tourist Trophy Motorcycle Jacket - Overview

We are often asked to recommend a truly 'all year round' jacket which is good for off the motorcycle or scooter. The jacket we direct people to is a Belstaff motorcycle jacket called the Belstaff Trialmaster. Sometimes known as the Belstaff Tourist Trophy which is in essence the same jacket, Belstaff just aren't allowed to call it the Trialmaster officially for intellectual property reasons. The Trialmaster was the jacket made famous by a certain Mr McQueen.

Firstly, the jacket truly is 'all year round' because the wax cotton outer shell is able to breathe in summer yet at the same time is waterproof. It will of course need to be re-treated every year to remain waterproof but it's a small price to pay. It comes with a removable Valtherm lining for winter use. All the armour is removable and it will do you proud on the bike, in the pub, walking the dog, doing the shopping etc... Whether you have a Monster, Bonnie or Vespa is of no consequence, it's a timeless look

The cut of the Tourist Trophy is superb, it's designed and manufactured in the same location in Italy and will last a considerable amount of time.

Here a couple of videos we made for your viewing pleasure. Come down to our London store to try one or buy the Belstaff Tourist Trophy Trialmaster via our website, you won't be disappointed.

The following versions are available to buy now:
Belstaff Trialmaster Tourist Trophy Wax Black
Belstaff Trialmaster Tourist Trophy Wax Brown
Belstaff Trialmaster Tourist Trophy Wax Antique Beige
Belstaff Trialmaster Tourist Trophy Cordura Black
Belstaff Trialmaster Tourist Trophy Cordura Deluxe Black

Urban Rider are the largest London retailer of Belstaff motorcycle clothing.


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