Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Givi, the most innovative helmet manufacturer?

Up until a year ago, most of us knew Italian company Givi for their luggage products only. Their helmet collections were largely anonymous in design. Their attitude towards production has been germanic in its attention to detail but lacking Italian flair with regard to design.

However during the last year with the release of the X.01 modular helmet and more recently the HX06 Xplus they have become the most innovative and forward thinking of helmet manufacturers. Their new designs offer 2/3 helmets in one and allow the rider to modify the helmet depending on weather conditions as well as environment, be it the city, country lanes or motorway.

Who knows that they've been feeding their designers but it's clear they have really listened to the needs of riders and taken big risks with their design concepts. As someone who is passionate about design and motorcycling it's so refreshing to see. Most manufacturers churn out the same models with small revisions or new graphics year on year, not Givi. They regularly fly out to shops like us to enthuse about what they are working on in the design studio and get our feedback on designs.

If you are in the market for a new helmet we strongly recommend you check out the X.01 and XPlus.

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