Friday, 25 June 2010

Davida 92 Helmet


The all new Davida 92 helmet has been rumored for a while and now we can confirm production with delivery late July. The pictures shown are the production sample. 

So why all the fuss?

Well, helmet nirvana for many customers is a helmet with a small shell similar to helmets of the 1970s that is both road legal and will protect their head. We've all tried on helmets and looked in the mirror only to see a member of the Jetsons family looking back at us, many people ride with illegal helmets just to have something that looks good. Modern safety standards have saved more lives but made such a helmet impossible to find... until now.

Davida has designed the 92 such that it qualifies for British Standard approval. The shell is made from kevlar resulting in a strong and light construction. The interior is nylon and can be removed and washed. Each helmet is detailed by hand in their Liverpool factory.

The helmet has been released in small and medium initially, larger sizes will follow very soon as the larger shell comes into stock.  Follow the link below to order yours today. 

Davida 92 Helmet - Buy Online


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