Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Tucano Urbano Steve Invernale jacket

Introducing the Tucano Urbano Steve Invernale jacket.

The Tucano Urbano Winter 2010-2011 collection is undoubtedly the strongest to date, with the Steve Invernale jacket as one of our personal favourites.

The name suggests that this jacket is just the Steve jacket from their summer collection with a winter lining.  Don't be fooled; this jacket is so much more than that.

The outer shell is treated with a similar wax cotton canvas creating a vintage effect but, crucially, the jacket is fitted with a fully waterproof and breathable inner membrane lying beneath the outer layer.

As you would expect the jacket comes with removable CE approved shoulder and elbow armour.

The difference is not just in the spec though.  This jacket has to be seen to be fully appreciated (or purchased!).  It has a genuine presence and the comfort of a jacket many times more expensive than you'd expect from the £135.90 retail price.

I commute into London most days on a Ducati Monster S4RS with a 40 minute journey.  Given how keen I am to get my grubby mitts on one of these, we believe the Steve Invernale will appeal as much to motorcyclists as scooter riders.

Calling a jacket the Steve is a bold move in my books.  However, Tucano have done justice to the name by creating a stunning and highly comfortable winter jacket in the Steve Invernale.

Pre order the Tucano Urbano Steve Invernale jacket from our website here.

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