Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Draggin Jeans C-Evo mens jeans now in stock

The Draggin Jeans C-Evo are the first fully CE approved motorcycle jeans in the world.

Take that in for a moment . . .

That means that these jeans have undergone the same level of safety testing as Dainese's top of the range one piece racing leathers and passed with flying colours.

You may have heard the term CE approved, and jeans before.  This however is normally in relation solely to specific areas or to CE approved inserts which can be added to jeans.

As a predominantly urban rider, I find leathers something of a hassle and tend not to bother as a result.  For those of you in a similar position these jeans are surely the answer; providing excellent comfort and protection, whilst being understated enough to wear all day.

The jeans come with Knox armour for the knees and the hips included in the price.  For more information and to purchase the Draggin Jeans C-Evo with free super fast delivery click the link below:

To view the wider Draggin Jeans collection 2010 - 2011 visit our website.

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  1. These are my favorite mens jeans, they are comfortable yet stylish. You can't beat that combination.